Again this week sees childhood obesity making headlines worldwide.

This time it is a report published by a Canadian Task Force.

They are the first group to update their childhood obesity guidelines in nearly 20 years. This release follows their report on adult obesity which was published in January.

As we all know childhood obesity is a very complex issue and poses particular problems for Primary Care providers. The report has some great recommendations on how to help deal with these issues and goes someway to highlighting the cultural problems which need to be tackled at home as well as within the care system.

Although this report makes for very interesting reading and offers a very useful resource. There is one slight problem with their recommendations which is they are continuing to promote BMI as a reliable solution for monitoring health. It is now well proven BMI is really only effective at monitoring trends within populations rather than individual wellbeing assessments. BIA on the other hand continues to offer tangible evidence based reports as to the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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