Scientific research has shown that excess body fat is directly linked to lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers. While Body Mass Index (BMI) has proved to be an effective screening tool on a population basis, it has recognised limitations when working on an individual level. Essentially, BMI provides information on body weight but it does not indicate whether this extra weight is due to increased fat or lean tissue. 


BCSWaist circumference is becoming an increasingly popular alternative, however is proving to be intrusive and inconsistent due to difficulties in locating the correct anatomical site. Bio-electrical impedance Analysis (BIA) is a simple and accurate method of measuring body composition on a personal level. Tanita BIA is clinically proven to be highly accurate with excellent repeatability.


Our range of Professional Body Composition Analysers are widely used in research laboratories, health clinics and have become an integral part many health assessment and weight management programs.


Tanita Body Composition Analysers are able to provide the professional healthcare practitioner a high level of health information that is not possible from BMI or waist circumference measurements:


An instant assessment of an individual’s body composition status in under 30 seconds


Tanita Monitors are perfect for providing a ‘snapshot’ of a person’s health status including body fat, hydration, muscle mass, BMR and even breaks down the information to each leg, arm and trunk area. This measurement data can be used to create a personalised treatment plans based on their specific requirements.


Consistently monitors progress of any nutritional program on an individual or group level


All the client’s measurement data can be automatically downloaded to allow data capture and demonstrate long term changes on body composition. This can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of a treatment. Group data can also be gathered to show overall effectiveness of a program.


Builds a more personalised service with the client assisting compliance and motivation


By providing personal body composition information and setting step-by-step achievable goals such as improving hydration and muscle mass or reducing body and visceral fat, the client will be more motivated to continue a nutrition program. The readings will clearly demonstrate the impact of their nutritional even if their weight or BMI is not changing.


All Tanita Professional Body Composition Analysers are made in Tanita award winning factories in Japan ensuring the highest quality materials and manufacturing. Tanita is the only company with a full range of certified BIA products meeting the current regulations (NAWI Class III) when used within a medical and hospital setting.


All professional and medical products are also supported and serviced via our UK based service centre or mobile engineers.


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